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Wonderwell in Springfield, NH

Wonderwell – Springfield, NH

Created in 2001 the New Hampshire State Register honors locally significant historic properties throughout the state. In some cases owners pursue State Register listing rather than the National Register because their property may not be eligible for the National Register. Others just choose not to pursue the more complicated listing process of the National Register. Like the National Register, the State Register encompasses buildings, districts, sites, structures, objects and landscapes.
The State Register is first and foremost an honorary distinction. It promotes awareness of the importance of a historic property but does not impose restrictions. Nor does it provide protection.

We have completed the process to have a number of properties listed on the State Register. Please contact us if you might be interested or have questions about the program or process.

The Old Town Hall in Stratham, NH

Old Town Hall – Statham, NH

Salem Depot - Salem, NH

Salem Depot – Salem, NH

Livermore House - Wilton, NH

Livermore House – Wilton, NH

Governor Dale Estate - North Hampton, NH

Governor Dale Estate – North Hampton, NH