The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. Being listed on the National Register is primarily honorific, and for private property owners, generally does not impose restrictions on how they may use their property when utilizing their own funds. Being listed (or eligible for listing) has greater implications for properties which may be affected by activities which are federally funded or licensed. Thus, National Register listings can be helpful to property owners seeking to protect their properties from proposed actions that could have a negative impact such as highway or utility expansion. Register listing is also a useful publicity/education tool to heighten awareness of a forgotten or threatened resource.

During more than three decades we have successfully completed over 70 National Register nominations for properties throughout New England. The completed nominations include approximately forty individual properties and over 2,000 resources in more than thirty historic districts.

National Register Nominations – Individual Properties:

  • Bartlett-Cushman House, Stratham, NH
  • Bartlett Roundhouse, Bartlett, NH
  • Bedford Presbyterian Church, Bedford, NH
  • Bedford Town Hall, Bedford, NH
  • Brown-Davis-Frost Farm, Holden, MA
  • Bullard Farm, Holliston, MA
  • Centennial Hall, North Hampton, NH
  • Drake Farm, North Hampton, NH
  • Goffstown Congregational Church, Goffstown, NH
  • Goffstown High School, Goffstown, NH
  • Goffstown Public Library, Goffstown, NH
  • Hagerty House, Cohasset, MA
  • Hamblet-Putnam-Frye House, Wilton, NH
  • Henry Wilson Shoe Shop, Natick, MA
  • Hubbard-Dawson House, Holden, MA
  • James House, Hampton, NH
  • Killicut-Way House, Nashua, NH
  • Manning-Ball House, Holden, MA
  • Mari Castle, Randolph, VT
  • Marion Nichols Summer Home, Hollis, NH
  • McClure-Hilton House, Merrimack, NH
  • Milford Town Hall, Milford, NH
  • Newington Station, Newington, NH
  • North Hampton Town Hall, North Hampton, NH
  • North Street Fire Station, Salem, MA
  • North Weare Schoolhouse, Weare, NH
  • North Wilmot Union Meetinghouse, Wilmot, NH
  • Paddock House, Holden, MA
  • Peck-Porter House, Walpole, NH
  • Plainfield Town Hall, Plainfield, NH
  • Richards Library, Newport, NH
  • Roger G. Sullivan House, Manchester, NH
  • St. Andrews By-The-Sea, Rye, NH
  • Saunders-Paine House, Wellfleet, MA
  • Sawyer-Medlicott House, Piermont, NH
  • South Congregational Church, Newport, NH
  • Spring Brook Cemetery, Mansfield, MA
  • Springfield Town Hall/Howard Memorial Church, Springfield, NH
  • Stark Park, Manchester, NH
  • Stone Arch Bridge, Lebanon, NH
  • Townsend House, Wellfleet, MA
  • Stony Farm, Holden, MA
  • Unity Town Hall, Unity, NH
  • Weare Town Hall, Weare, NH
  • Willard-Fisk House, Holden, MA
  • Wilton Town Hall, Wilton, NH

National Register Nominations – Districts (with multiple properties):

  • Ashburnham Center Historic District, Ashburnham, MA (202)
  • Atlantic Heights Development, Portsmouth, NH (159)
  • Beaver Mills, Keene, NH (7)
  • Bridge Street Neck Historic District, Salem, MA (360)
  • Centennial Hall, North Hampton, NH
  • Charlestown Main Street Historic District, Charlestown, NH (64)
  • Colburn Park Historic District, Lebanon, NH (21)
  • Concord Civic District, Concord, NH (8)
  • Dexter Richards & Sons Woolen Mill, Newport, NH (3)
  • Dorchester Common Historic District, Dorchester, NH (4)
  • Downtown Concord Historic District, Concord, NH (108)
  • Downtown Jaffrey Historic District, Jaffrey, NH (124)
  • East Holliston Historic District, Holliston, MA (47)
  • Forest Glade Cemetery Somersworth, NH
  • Goffstown Main Street Historic District, Goffstown, NH (32)
  • Greenlawn Cemetery, Salem, MA
  • Hartford Village Historic District, Hartford, VT (69)
  • Holden Center Historic District (Boundary Increase), Holden, MA (198)
  • Hollis Village Historic District, Hollis, NH (140)
  • Jackson Falls Historic District, Jackson, NH (23)
  • Little Boar’s Head Historic District, North Hampton, NH (89)
  • Lyme Center Historic District, Lyme, NH (17)
  • Lyme Common Historic District, Lyme, NH (67)
  • Nashua Gummed and Coated Paper Co., Nashua, NH (6)
  • Newington Center Historic District, Newington, NH (12 & boundary increase)
  • Newport Downtown Historic District, Newport, NH (21)
  • North Charlestown Historic District, Charlestown, NH (20)
  • Norwich Village Historic District, Norwich, VT (124)
  • Paine Hollow North Historic District, Wellfleet, MA (4)
  • Paine Hollow South Historic District, Wellfleet, MA (7)
  • Quechee Historic Mill District, Hartford, VT (73)
  • Salem Common Historic District (Boundary Increase), Salem, MA (150)
  • Salem Common Historic District, Salem, NH (15)
  • Thetford Hill Historic District, Thetford, VT (25)
  • Victory Park Historic District, Manchester, NH (5)
  • Washington Common Historic District, Washington, NH (4)
  • Wilder Village Historic District, Hartford, VT (110)

National Register of Historic Places Plaque

The National Register of Historic Places also includes a special category of properties called National Historic Landmarks (NHLs). These properties, of which there are less than 2,500 nationwide, merit listing because of their exceptional importance to the nation as a whole. Most NHL nominations are prepared by National Park Service staff.
In 1993 Lisa Mausolf prepared the National Historic Landmark documentation for Canterbury Shaker Village.

Richards Mill - Newport, NH

Richards Mill – Newport, NH


Shaker Village – Canterbury, NH

Downtown Concord Historic District Concord, NH

Downtown Concord Historic District – Concord, NH

Newington Station Newington, NH

Newington Station – Newington, NH

Greenlawn Cemetery in Salem, MA

Greenlawn Cemetery – Salem, MA

Centennial Hall - Noerth Hamtpon, NH

Centennial Hall- North Hampton, NH

Washington Common Historic District - Washington, NH

Washington Common Historic District-Washington, NH